EE WiFi Calling now available on BlackBerry Priv

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EE’s WiFi Calling service is now available to customers with a BlackBerry Priv smartphone. We all know a place where the phone signal’s a bit patchy, like that niggly spot in the back bedroom. Well now you can call and text as normal wherever there’s WiFi, thanks to WiFi Calling.

WiFi Calling won’t use up any of your EE data allowance – you’ll be using WiFi, rather than the EE network. And the amount of data it uses is tiny – a half hour call uses about 10MB compared to 700MB to download a movie.

With EE’s Wifi Calling Service, you don’t have to download an app. All you need to do is make sure your phone is connected to WiFi.

Just follow the three simple steps below to get started.

1. Connect your phone to WiFi

2. Switch WiFi Calling on

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger.
  2. Tap Config Icon -> More > Wi-Fi calling.
  3. Turn on the Wi-Fi Calling switch.
  4. To see when your device will make Wi-Fi calls, turn on Wi-Fi Calling Status.
  5. Tap Wi-Fi calling preferences > Connection preferences.
    • To use a Wi-Fi network, even when you have a cellular signal, tap Wi-Fi preferred.
    • To never use a cellular network and only use a Wi-Fi network, tap Wi-Fi only.
    • To only use a Wi-Fi network for calls when you don’t have a cellular signal, tap Cellular network preferred.

3. Wait for your confirmation message

Once you’ve turned WiFi Calling on, EE will activate it for you within 24 hours, although this time is usually much shorter.

WiFi Calling is available on EE pay monthly and small business plans, and on 4G Corporate plans.