INPS upgrades to BlackBerry’s BES12 to securely manage multi-platform mobile fleet

BlackBerry today announced that In Practice Systems (INPS) has upgraded to BES12 to securely manage its multi-platform mobile fleet. INPS has successfully migrated to BES12 to “infinitely increase” the mobile workforce’s productivity.

INPS, a leader in unique medical software for primary care and the wider healthcare environment in the UK,  has developed Vision, a product that offers flexible IT software to help the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) provide patients with high quality, joined up services on any device, at anytime, anywhere.

As a supplier to the NHS, INPS is mandated to handle its communications and flow of information securely, and be able to prove that Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IG SoC) legislation is being met.

INPS therefore needed a comprehensive multi-OS EMM solution for its employees that complied with IG SoC mandates, while ensuring that staff had a flexible yet secure means of communication, whether they were in the office or on the road.

“We needed a mobility solution that matched the characteristics we see in ourselves – highly secure and productive. Working with our strategic technology partners, Appurity, BES12 was identified as the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to empower employees to work on-the-go, safely and flexibly,” said Angelo Chrysanthou, Head of Information Systems at INPS.

BlackBerry’s extensive portfolio made BES12 a perfect fit for INPS. BES12 centralises device management from a single command and control centre, and seamlessly supports multiple mobile platforms, including iOS, Android (including Android for Work and Samsung KNOX smartphones and tablets), Windows, BlackBerry and OS X.

“It was important that the EMM solution did not restrict employees’ choice of device,” added Chrysanthou. “And it just works, delivering a massive return on investment.”

Florian Bienvenu, Senior Vice President Enterprise Sales, EMEA at BlackBerry said,

“Enterprise mobility is absolutely paramount in today’s world, which means secure and flexible multi-OS EMM solutions are required for any business,”

“By choosing BES12, and working with a top-tier BlackBerry partner, INPS has adopted a multi-OS management platform that will guarantee security, as well as driving improvements in productivity and communication across the organisation.”

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