BlackBerry rolls out UEM 12.7 Maintenance Release 1 update

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BlackBerry has rolled out a replacement for BlackBerry UEM 12.7 Maintenance Release 1 – UEM 12.7.1a. This release includes three issues that were initially found internally, and were then eventually found externally by some customers.

A QuickFix release was made available initially, and it was then deemed that these fixes can go into a replacement for MR1. These fixes are also included in the next release of UEM 12.7 (MR2) and later.

It is recommended to use UEM 12.7.1a rather than UEM 12.7.1 for upgrades of existing environments or new installations.  If the environment is mid-upgrade already to UEM 12.7.1 (not 12.7.1a), complete the system-wide upgrade before considering applying UEM 12.7.1a.

JI 2233543 : Resolves an issue where the UEM Management Console becomes unavailable caused by high CPU on the Core servers.

BlackBerry rolls out UEM 12.7 Maintenance Release 1 update

JI 2236214 : Resolves some internal transaction timeouts in the UEM Core.

JI 2235771 : Resolves some internal user and device reconciliation calls in the UEM Core that impact overall performance.

BlackBerry UEM 12.7 MR1 brought support for Oreo (Android 8) and UEM is now compatible with devices running Android 8 software. In addition UEM is also now compatible with devices running iOS 11 software. Also in iOS, the AirPrint profile has been updated to include a checkbox that allows the administrator to force the use of TLS, and a field for specifying a port number.

When upgrading from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM, Good Control can now communicaten with BlackBerry Dynamics containers during the synchronization process, which helps to remove the risk of downtime for end users.

Finally, Administrators can now specify a list of apps from the Google Play Store that users can install in the Samsung KNOX Workspace.