BlackBerry rolls out BBM Enterprise SDK for Developers

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Earlier this month, we reported how BlackBerry had entered the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market with the introduction of its BBM Enterprise SDK, enabling developers to integrate secure messaging, voice and video capabilities into applications and services.

The BBM Enterprise SDK is now available to any official distribution partner that wants to securely build enterprise-grade messaging, voice, and video functionality into their applications.

With industry-leading security, proven infrastructure and rich communications features, BBM Enterprise SDK is a complete development solution for ISVs to securely build enterprise-grade voice, video, and messaging functionality into high-performance applications.

BBM Enterprise SDK leverages the global BlackBerry communications infrastructure, designed to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. ISVs can build rich interactive apps for their enterprise customers with an IP-based platform with proven scale and security.

BlackBerry rolls out BBM Enterprise SDK for Developers

As instant messaging becomes a primary means of communication in the enterprise, current market offerings do not provide the same level of security and encryption for which BlackBerry is known, putting businesses at risk. With more than 80 security certifications and approvals to date – more than any other mobile vendor – BBM Enterprise SDK leverages this expertise to provide the highest-level of security for messages, voice, and video for iOS and Android.

BBM Enterprise SDK simplifies and accelerates the development process for ISVs. With the powerful, secure BlackBerry communications framework at its core, developers don’t have to deal with complex, costly back-end infrastructure. Instead, development can focus on compelling core features for developers’ apps and services.

BBM Enterprise SDK offers seamless integration into applications, high performance at scale, high availability and enterprise-grade reliability—all without having to deploy complex and costly infrastructure. IP-based infrastructure provides enhanced scalability safeguards against system outages and unanticipated usage spikes that can compromise service, user experience and app adoption.

BBM Enterprise SDK delivers industry-leading BlackBerry mobile security. ISVs get end-to-end protection for voice, video, and messaging on Android, iOS, and—soon—other major platforms.

With this enterprise-grade security embedded in apps, ISVs gain access to security-conscious customers worldwide who already trust BlackBerry’s mobile security model.

BlackBerry entering CPaaS market is much more than just an sdk

With a fully cloud-based model, BBM Enterprise SDK eliminates substantial upfront investments in hardware infrastructure and excess capacity. In addition to avoiding major capital expenditure, ISVs can control operational costs with a subscription-based model aligned to actual usage.

With an IP-based architecture, there is no need to engage directly with circuit-switched network operator technologies and incur the related costs.

Examples of capabilities being provided to developers include:

  • Secure Messaging: 1:1 chat and group chatting; message quoting, retraction, editing and deletion
  • Secure Voice and Video Communications: 1:1 voice and video calling; accept an incoming voice or video call while app is running in the background; display a thumbnail preview of the video call; view video call in full screen
  • Secure File Sharing and Collaboration: share files, text, contact cards, media, data, and location
  • Secure Real-time Notifications: push notifications; messaging and collaboration-related notifications


Benefits of using BBM Enterprise SDK include:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security with BlackBerry’s renowned NOC architecture: BlackBerry’s renowned NOC was built with security in mind and is designed to meet the most demanding enterprise needs. It is globally accessible and provides built-in redundancies to ensure optimal performance, flexibility, QoS and availability for products being built for mass scale.
  • Faster Time to Market: By leveraging BlackBerry’s comprehensive, secure communications framework for mobile applications and services, developers can focus more on what matters most versus worrying about the complexities of developing secure messaging capabilities and an IT infrastructure.
  • Greater Scalability: Developers can help guard against unforeseen spikes in usage that may affect service availability through a secure, hosted cloud, all without having to deploy a complex and costly infrastructure.
  • Reduced Costs: Enterprises can avoid upfront investments in hardware infrastructure by utilizing BBM Enterprise’s fully cloud-based model, as well as control operational costs with an affordable subscription-based per-user licensing model.


Bring Secure Voice, Video, and Messaging to Your Apps

BBM Enterprise SDK offers seamless integration of multi-level communications into developer apps, high performance at scale, high availability and enterprise-grade reliability – all without having to deploy complex and costly infrastructure.

It supports both Android and iOS applications, with additional major platforms coming soon.

BlackBerry’s existing ecosystem of developers, which has created more than 4,000 third-party enterprise applications on the BlackBerry Development Platform, can now easily integrate real-time communications. The company has a pipeline of partners ready to use the BBM Enterprise SDK when it becomes available.

Developers who deploy the BBM Enterprise SDK will be asked to generate their own encryption keys, meaning BlackBerry will not have the ability to turn over to law enforcement any messages sent through this system, even if compelled by a court order. Under this model any company that employed BBM messaging in an app would be responsible for the security of its own encryption keys.

At the time of publishing, there are no details on the cost of what will a BBM Enterprise SDK user subscription.

The BBM Enterprise SDK will be made available for Android and iOS here. Partners will need to have an account on the community and request to be added to the private area for this release. The general release of BBM Enterprise is scheduled for late March 2017. At that time all partners, customers and other developers will be eligible to sign up for the BBM Enterprise developer program and group.

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