BlackBerry release OS 10.3.3 beta autoloaders for developers

BlackBerry has announced that they have released beta autoloaders for 10.3.3 for developers.

The release version of OS 10.3.3 is scheduled to be available mid June and will only contain NIAP certification and security updates.

With this in mind it is completely unsurprising that there have not been any changes or additions to APIs in 10.3.3, so applications that support 10.3.2 should work seamlessly on 10.3.3.

As is normal with all BlackBerry’s developer beta releases, these autoloaders contain a reduced set of BlackBerry 10 applications compared to a full OS release and are intended for application testing, not regular use. They are also watermarked with your PIN

BlackBerry point out that if you do decide to install this release, you will be unable to go back to 10.3.2.

“BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 included anti-theft protection that prevented downgrading of the OS.  This is also present in 10.3.3, which means that you won’t be able to downgrade to 10.3.2 after installing a 10.3.3 autoloader.  Your device will remain on the limited 10.3.3 beta until the gold release of 10.3.3. “

Before loading you should also make note of the BlackBerry ID account used on the device because you’ll need to log back into the same one after the load is complete.

Developers interested in the beta release can download them from the software update page.