BlackBerry releases BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova Plugins for Developers

Back in December, BlackBerry unveiled their new BlackBerry Development Platform, an enterprise grade toolset which enables developers to build secure, powerful and customized mobility solutions for almost every use case.

The BlackBerry Development Platform includes BlackBerry Dynamics, consisting of the BlackBerry Dynamics (BD) SDK services that provide a powerful set of tools to ISV and enterprise developers. The company has now announced  the release of BlackBerry Dynamics Plugins for Cordova.

The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform provides a range of SDKs and plug-ins, allowing developers to work in familiar environments to build native, hybrid and web apps. Once apps are built, developers can assume the role of IT admin to quickly validate the management and distribution of their apps through the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform.

BlackBerry supports cross-platform development frameworks via dedicated BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs for Cordova/PhoneGap, HTML5 web apps and Xamarin.

What’s New in BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova for Android and iOS v3.0.0.106:

  • Cordova Library support
  • Info: *.sc discovery scheme removed
  • Cordova 4.x removed
  • BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova architecture changes
    • Removed GD-enable script
    • Added support for Cordova plugins
  • BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova plugins structure
    • Migrating from previous release: no code changes required
    • Working with BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova plugins
    • Add plugins for both iOS and Android platforms
    • Add plugins separately for iOS and Android
    • “Super” plugin
    • Develop, build and run
  • About BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova samples
    • Setup with script
    • ApacheHttp sample application
    • AppKinetics Client and server sample application
    • Blank sample application
    • MailTo sample application
    • OnProgress sample application
    • Policy sample application
    • RssReader sample application
    • SQLite sample application
    • UnitTest sample application

Fixed Issues

  • Improvements on GDAuthToken plugin
  • Improvements for UnitTest sample application
  • Improvements on localStorage.getLength()
  • Improvements on XmlHttpRequest plugin on Android
  • Fixed sending attachments from Mailto to GFE on iOS

After updating your Cordova version with the “cordova platform update” command, you might need to reinstall the BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova plugins manually. This is most easily done with the “cordova-plugin-bbd-all” command, also called the “super plugin”.