BBM Enterprise SDK brings support for MPOP, Chat Admins, iOS 11 and more

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BlackBerry has rolled out the BBM Enterprise SDK 1.1 for Android, iOS, and JavaScript, and the updates are now generally available to all developers.

Back in February of this year, BlackBerry entered the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market with the introduction of the BBM Enterprise SDK, enabling developers to integrate secure messaging, voice and video capabilities into applications and services.

Current market offerings do not provide the same level of security and encryption for which BlackBerry is indisputably famous for and the company continue to enhance the SDK, bring more features and enhancements.

BBM Enterprise SDK 1.1 brings new features for Android and iOS and also brings the Javascript SDK out of beta.

The BBM Enterprise SDK for Android and iOS brings support for Multiple Points of Presence (MPoP), allowing the same account to be logged into BBM-E SDK enabled applications on up to 3 mobile endpoints and 7 web endpoints simultaneously.

A new Chat Admin Functionality has been implemented which enables a multi-participant chat (MPC) to be made invite only and the ability to remove participants. ie: only the Chat Admin can invite additional participants to join and a Chat Admin can remove a participant from an MPC.

The iOS SDK brings iOS 11 Simulator Support and the iOS SDK is packaged as a dynamic framework. In addition the iOS SDK now supports Swift and iOS Deployment Target for has changed to 9.0.

This release of the SDK brings support for JavaScript (Node.js and Web), which include the MPoP features of Android and iOS.

The ability to make and received secure Voice and Video calls using the BBM-E Web SDK has also now been implemented along with the ability to share files through the BBM-E SDK.

BBME JS SDK can now run in Web Workers and now that the SDK is out of beta, Web SDK Documentation is now available.

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