Developing for the BlackBerry platform can be a steep learning curve. But it doesn’t have to be!

Join us and other Scottish BlackBerry developers at the BlackBerry Developer Group Scotland.

These meetings will be a chance to learn about and share practical development tips and experience as well as to network with your local BlackBerry community.

We have 4-8 meetings per month to share BlackBerry knowledge and to have some fun in the process.

Our goal is to build a Scottish knowledge sharing network for writing quality software on the BlackBerry platform, a place where you can turn for answers and advice.

Discover the tools that BlackBerry provides to ease the cross-platform development process.

Learn how to write native apps for BlackBerry 10 in both the Enterprise and Consumer space.

For enterprise developers interested not just in development but deploying enterprise apps to BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices, learn an overview of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12.

Topics include:

  • BlackBerry Secure Enterprise Connectivity
  • Enterprise Push
  • BlackBerry Balance
  • Secure Workspace
  • EMM Controls and Applications management

App Help

Got an idea for an app? Come along and get help with not only development of your app but producing marketing materials, submitting your app to BlackBerry World, supporting and upgrading your app and more…


Benefits that groups members receive are:

  • 4 to 8 meetings per month where members discuss about BlackBerry platforms, technologies and APIs
  • mentoring
  • regular platform and program updates
  • access to discounts
  • access to developer events, and conferences
  • regular online webcasts and presentations
  • closed sessions (where appropriate)

Cities and Numbers

[table style=”table-striped”]

St. Andrews8
East Kilbride7
Figures updated October 6, 2016


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