YouTube gets Bedtime Reminders

Set a reminder at specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed

YouTube is rolling out a ‘bedtime reminders’ feature to help users cut down on their on-screen time and grab some more sleep. The feature joins the platform’s wellness and screen time tools, which were first released as a part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative.

The feature lets users set a reminder at specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed.

“Every single person uses YouTube differently. Some of us use it to learn new things, while others use it when they need a laugh or to stay in touch with their favorite creators,” according to YouTube team member Sarah.

“Whether you consider yourself a power user or just like watching videos from time to time, we want to help everyone better understand their tech usage, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits. We hope all of these features help you do just that.”

The feature is available starting today on Android and iPhone devices and will roll out to all users in the next few days.

Set a YouTube Bedtime Reminder

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Turn Remind me when it’s time for bed on or off. 
  4. Select a start and end time for the reminder.

You can also turn on bedtime reminders by tapping your profile picture and then Time Watched

If you want to finish your video before seeing the bedtime reminder, select Wait until I finish my video to show reminder whensettingup.

You can snooze your bedtime reminder, which will temporarily turn off the reminder for 10 minutes. Your video will start again without interruption. After 10 minutes, the reminder will appear again.

YouTube also has a ‘Scheduled notification digest’ feature that allows users to combine all of the daily push notifications into a single combined notification.

As part of Digital WellBeing features, the YouTube app also has a ‘Take a Break’ feature that lets users set reminders to take a break from watching videos. These reminders can be set to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes.

Additionally, the app also has a ‘Disable notification sounds’ and ‘vibrations’ feature. These features ensure that notifications from the YouTube app are sent silently during a specified time period each day