PowWow Mobile Announces Integration with BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Enterprise Mobility Suite

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PowWow Mobile today announced at the BlackBerry Security Summit, its integration with the BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.

The integration of its leading rapid mobile app platform, SmartUX, with BlackBerry Dynamics, enables customers to accelerate and streamline the creation and deployment of secure omni-channel apps.

The seamless drag-and-drop integration allows users to easily connect to, and mashup, multiple enterprise data sources to deliver a simplified and secured, native user-experience without complex coding or the need for specialized resources.

Kia Behnia, CEO, PowWow Mobile said,

“In order to compete in today’s always-on digital world, organizations must equip their workforce with the ability to securely pull information in short order, anytime, anywhere and on any device,”

“The integration of SmartUX with BlackBerry Dynamics enables our customers to rapidly design and deliver the omni-channel apps their users want, while giving IT the command and control needed to ensure enterprise-grade security and compliance.”

PowWow Mobile disrupts the speed, complexity and economics commonly associated with delivering productivity-enhancing apps to an increasingly mobile-first workforce. The PowWow SmartUX Platform simplifies and extends business apps to mobile, delivering modern omni-channel experiences that transform how work is done in the digital era.

With SmartUX, users can easily connect to any application or data source and rapidly design and deploy personalized, intelligent and secure apps that run anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone or watch), and any OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10 or HTML5).

The integration with BlackBerry Dynamics enables streamlined support for app security and analytics while providing unprecedented speed and control for the delivery of enterprise mobile apps.

Additional benefits include the ability to:

  • Secure Apps From The Start: Enable IT and line of business resources to quickly and simply scale their enterprise app deployment initiatives and ensure apps are secure from the start. Eliminate the need for complex coding and time-consuming app integration by implementing security and corporate policy parameters at design time, without having to touch the app’s source code, ensuring an accelerated time to value.
  • Implement Custom Security Policies & Configurations: Easily create, configure and implement custom app policies when designing apps for quick re-use across an app portfolio. SmartUX enables seamless drag-and-drop security components that ensure data content protection, from the screen to the field level, placing access restrictions on parts of the app based upon the custom policy criteria.
  • Deliver Data-Driven Insights with BlackBerry Analytics: Make informed decisions, identify issues quicker and increase agility with comprehensive app analytics. The SmartUX integration with BlackBerry Analytics, part of BlackBerry Dynamics can leverage the analytics and mobile app performance capabilities of apps created within SmartUX. This integration complements PowWow’s analytics suite, SmartUX Analytics, by delivering strategic insights needed to drive operational efficiencies.
  • ‘One-Click’ Simple SDK Installation: Easily click-and-add the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK into your mobile app projects. SmartUX for BlackBerry Dynamics EMM integration, allows developers and non-developers to integrate BlackBerry Dynamics SDK with ‘one-click.’

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