Parrot for BlackBerry 10 updated to v2.1

Parrot – Voice Recorder has received a nice upgrade to v2.1.0.2.

Parrot is exclusive to BlackBerry 10 which allows you to easily record, play and share voice recordings.

Parrot is free but can be upgraded to a Pro version with an in-app purchase.

New Pro features:

- Call Recording: You can now be prompted or automatically record phone calls within Parrot. Tested to work with OS 10.2.1!

- Password Protection: Password protect your track lists. We have implemented one-way encryption using the BlackBerry OS Cryptographic Kernel. Passwords can be recovered using your BlackBerry ID.

- Import Tracks: Bring your outside recordings into Parrot to manage them.

- Media Key: The media key can be enabled to start and stop recordings.

New features for everyone:

- Style: A brand new icon, theme and style to the app. You’ll notice sharper lines and a darker palette.

- Speed boost: We have worked hard on making the app load faster and feel smoother.

Two new permissions have been added:

- Phone: Allows Parrot to listen for phone calls to start and stop recordings.

- Post Notifications: Allows Parrot to prompt users on the call screen outside of the app to record their current call.

Those who do not plan to use call recording should feel free to deny these permissions.

Get it at BlackBerry World

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