Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN for Android and Windows launches for $5 Per Month

Mozilla VPN is available in the UK, Canada, US, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand

Mozilla has launched its virtual private network (VPN) service publicly, starting with Windows 10 and Android.

Mozilla VPN Service is separate from a VPN browser extension Mozilla offers via the Firefox browser. The extension, although free, only encrypts your internet connection through the browser—not other applications running on the device.

The standalone Mozilla VPN product offers full encryption with no time limit. It also functions as an app you can download to your Android or iOS device, Windows PC, and Chromebook. When you want the VPN protection, simply turn the app on, and it’ll begin encrypting your device connections to the internet.

Mozilla VPN runs on a global network of servers operated by Mullvad, a commercial open source VPN service based in Sweden that has a “no-logging” policy. This means it promises to not record a user’s IP address, browsing activity, session duration, timestamp, DNS request, or similar data points.

Mullvad has also adopted the lightweight WireGuard protocol, which should make Mozilla VPN speedier than many other VPNs on the market.

At launch, users can connect to more than 30 servers across the world, with WireGuard encryption securing each connection. 

Mozilla VPN is available today in the UK, Canada, US, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. The company plans to release the software in more countries this fall. 

The new VPN clients are compatible with Android and Windows 10 (64 bit), while the iOS VPN client remains in beta. Mac and Linux clients are coming soon.