MileIQ comes to Office 365 Business Premium

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If you drive a personal car for work purposes such as customer sales visits, partner meetings or trade conferences, you know that tracking and reporting your miles for tax deduction or expense reimbursement can be a hassle.

You will also be pleased to know that microsoft has added MileIQ, a mileage tracking app on iOS and Android, as a benefit of your Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

MileIQ offers a simple, smarter way to track your miles—with automatic drive detection and mileage logging, easy one-swipe classification as business or personal, and comprehensive reporting.

Automatic Tracking – MileIQ catches your drives automatically. The app runs in the background tracking your miles or creating a comprehensive record of your drives.

MileIQ comes to Office 365 Business Premium

Classify With Ease – Swipe right for business drives – swipe left for personal drives. Easily add details such as parking, tolls or drive purposes to suit your specific needs.

Reporting Accuracy – MileIQ creates a record of your mileage and sends you weekly reports. Need more? Use the web dashboard to generate highly customizable reports.

MileIQ has already helped over four million customers save time and money—saving customers $6,900 on average per year in deductions or reimbursements, and 2 hours a week of time spent logging drives.

You can log unlimited drives every month with the MileIQ Premium subscription that you get with Office 365 Business Premium.

MileIQ is currently available to subscribers in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

To activate the MileIQ benefit of your Office 365 Business Premium subscription in the U.S., U.K. or Canada, visit

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