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Google Assistant Real Time Interpreter rolls out to Android and iOS

ive translation tool is now coming to mobile devices

Google launched interpreter mode for smart displays and speakers at the start of the year and the the live translation tool is now coming to mobile devices.

Called interpreter mode, the tool can understand conversations being conducted in different languages in real time and display the translation of each person on a split screen. This week, this feature began rolling out to iOS and Android devices.

Google Interpreter will be available on any mobile device capable of running Google Assistant and is activated by users summoning the assistant with their voice.

‘Whether you’re heading on a trip this holiday season, gearing up for international travel in the New Year, or simply want to communicate with family members who speak another language, interpreter mode is here to remove language barriers no matter where you are,’ said Google in a blog post.

To activate this mode, a user can call on the Assistant to “be my French translator” or “help me speak French.” In response, they will be provided with live subtitles of the conversation right on their phone. The Assistant will then offer the speakers automated Smart Replies to hasten the discussion and possibly make it more natural. If members of the conversation are in a quiet environment and don’t want to speak, interpreter mode can translate text-based messages live.

The tool is expected to be far more useful on a smartphone which can be used when one is out and about, rather than on an at-home or in-office smart display where language barriers are likely fewer.

Interpreter mode can work worldwide with 44 different languages. If you’re an Android user, because it’s integrated right into the Assistant, there’s no need to download anything. iOS device owners, on the other hand, need to download the latest version of the Google Assistant app.

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Updated: 4 December, 2019
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