BlackBerry Keyboard for Android brings Quick Modes and more

Rapid John
Posted on August 25, 2017, 8:58 pm
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BlackBerry has rolled out an update to their BlackBerry Keyboard for Android app, bringing Quick Modes, making it easier for you to toggle between multiple modes via a toolbar.

The usual minor enhancements and stability fixes are there as well.

The BlackBerry keyboard is arguably the best virtual keyboard that exists on Android.

The BlackBerry Keyboard includes a number of components that work together to deliver an optimal user input experience.

BlackBerry Keyboard brings:

  • A reinvented physical keyboard that optimizes accuracy, ergonomic comfort and precise control.
  • A market disrupting touch sensitive keyboard to help you get things done fast.
  • A complementary set of on-screen virtual keyboards for touch interaction and fast access to the most critical text elements
  • An intelligent input engine that allows the keyboard to learn and remember words you type often and then offer them as next-word suggestions.
  • A set of software capabilities that allows shortcuts to user-defined words and phrases, and more

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy creation of text with the renowned BlackBerry Keyboard, featuring auto correction, next word prediction and a Personal Dictionary.
  • More efficiency through learning and personalization. The keyboard gets more accurate over time as it learns your style and word selection.
  • Text Selection and Fine Cursor Control make it easy to format your work properly and give it a polished and professional appearance.
  • Settings that put you in control of your keyboard experience

What’s New

  • Quick Modes make it easier for you to toggle between multiple modes via a toolbar. These modes include:
    • Dictation Mode: Access to voice input and settings for dictating messages.
    • Emoji Mode: Quick entry to the emoji mode to select from hundreds of available emojis and the most recently used ones.
    • Text Selection Mode: Access to improved fine cursor control with a joystick-like controller to give you better maneuverability. Also, easily select, select all, cut, copy and paste text, URLs and emojis.
    • Clipboard Mode: An advanced clipboard which remembers all your copied text, URLs and emojis so you can easily paste previously copied content.
    • Password Keeper Integration: Easily enter your stored passwords in login fields, if you use the BlackBerry Password Keeper with its Autofill feature.
  • Minor enhancements and stability fixes
rapidmobile BlackBerry Keyboard for Android brings Quick Modes and more
rapidmobile BlackBerry Keyboard for Android brings Quick Modes and more

Updated: August 25, 2017
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Requirements: Android 5.0 +
Developer: BlackBerry
Contains Ads: No

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