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Auri Music is a Music Player for Android Auto

Auri Music is an offline music player that comes with shuffle support,

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A new music app specifically designed for Android Auto has just been released. Auri Music is an offline music player that comes with shuffle support, a favorite option that you can use while driving, as well a search feature to look for a specific song in your entire library.

There are of course plenty of music apps that you can currently use with Android Auto (AIMP, Amazon Music, BlackPlayer, Google Play Music / YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, to name a few) – but most of these are all streaming music apps and Android Auto support is an addition, rather than the focus. Support for local media is still a bit sparse and irregular.

You’ll probably find that no matter what local player you use, you won’t be all that happy with searching for music when you’re driving.  Auri Music currently supports excluding playlists from your shuffle mix, marking your favorite tracks while driving and features a simple and nice ui layout while still allowing you to search your entire library (if enabled in the settings).

There is also support for multiple artists and genres per track + the ability to disable or enable certain operations if you want to perform an action (eg. change repeat mode) without entering a sub-menu first.

Ever since getting my AX100 head unit I’ve tried a multitude of different AA-compatible music apps since I like to listen to my local library and not stream using Spotify / Tidal etc., but for all of the ones I tested, AA-support appeared to be more of an afterthought which means that they lack some features which I would deem crucial.

That’s why I created Auri Music, which as of today can be downloaded from the play store. It only works in Android Auto, since that is what I’m focusing on, Developer Tim Schubert explained.

Auri Music Main Features

● Mark your favourite songs
● Support for multiple artists
● Search your entire music library from within your car
● Support for .aac, .mp3, .flac and many more

Android App
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Version: 1.0
Updated: 28 February, 2020
Category: Music and Audio
Requirements: Android 7.0+
Price: Free
Developer: Tim Schubert
Contains Ads: No
In-App Purchases: No

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