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Apple launches 2TB iCloud Storage for £13.99 per month

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Apple has launched a new tier to their iCloud storage plans, doubling the maximum amount of data you can upload to their servers to a huge two terabytes.

The new 2TB plan will cost you £13.99 a month ($19.99 USD).

Apple’s new storage plan is not replacing a previous one, so you’ll still be able to pay £0.79 a month for 50GB, £2.49 for 200GB, or £6.99 for 1TB. Mac and iOS users who don’t pay for iCloud also get a default amount of 5GB for free.

iCloud storage can be used by Mac and iOS users to store and sync photos and videos, documents, device backups, music, emails and more between their devices.

Apple launches 2TB iCloud Storage for £13.99 per month

iCloud Storage Apple launches 2TB iCloud Storage for £13.99 per monthApple also offers a Dropbox-like service called iCloud Drive which uses also iCloud storage, and lets you sync any document between your iOS device, Mac, or PC.

The timing for launching such a plan is interesting given the rumors of a potential 256GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus.
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