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February 12, 2015

Google releases new open source tools for measuring cloud performance

Google has released new open source tools with a framework it’s calling “PerfKit,” which is designed to measure application performance in the cloud.
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April 23, 2014

BlackBerry release Community 3 as Open Source, Create an App for Your Community or Business

Create an App for Your Community or Business with BlackBerry

Last year, BlackBerry released the BlackBerry Community App, which provides easy access to the BlackBerry Blogs, BlackBerry Forums and BlackBerry BBM Channels. The BlackBerry Forums are powered by Lithium, which offer a REST API to access the forum and is used by the BlackBerry Community App.

BlackBerry have now released Community 3, which has been released as open source.

Community 3 is a generic version of the BlackBerry Community App that you can customize to access your own blogs, Lithium forum and BBM Channels.

The code has been designed to be as “fill in the blank” as possible; just add your own [...]

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November 28, 2013

Linux port of the new webworks beta now available

BlackBerry just released the new webworks sdk beta and I always try to get it working on linux as fast as I can.

The new sdk is a major change from the earlier versions of the sdk.

Previously it was based on pure html5 and now it is based off the Apache cordova project.

Getting this to work on Linux was quite a challenge but I have now got the sdk running on linux but it needs testing. Think of this as a beta of the sdk beta.

We need BlackBerry developers to be able to use Linux, so feedback is crucial.

You can download it from my Github repository here.

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