Back in July last year, BlackBerry released an update to BBM for Android, which finally brought the ability to sign up and use BBM via phone numbers.

However, this feature, while being one of the most requested features by users, was really only useful for new users.  Existing users had no way to add a phone number to their existing accounts.  The latest BBM for Android beta now solves that problem as existing users with e-mail accounts can now add a phone number to their profile.

Users will then have the ability to sign in using a phone number or e-mail address.

Anybody who still uses BBM will know that the app has become seriously spam-riddled. Taking that into account, this beta update brings the ability for users to report invites as spam.

Rapid Store BBM for Android Beta brings adding Phone Numbers to existing profiles and more

At this point in time, there is no information on what will happen to those who are repeatedly reported for spam invites but it may just be the first major step in attempting to combat spam on BBM.

As normal, BBM for Android Beta (version 300.3.0.18) is only available to users registered in the beta program.

Summary of What’s New:

  • Existing users with e-mail accounts can add phone number to their profile and easily find new friends on BBM
  • Introduced ability to sign in using phone number or e-mail
  • BBM Discover screen is in list view for easier discoverability
  • User can report invites as spam

BBM Video Chat System Requirements and Functionality

BlackBerry 10

  • BlackBerry 10 OS required
  • BlackBerry 10 smartphones are able to start BBM Video Chats to other BlackBerry 10 smartphones
  • BBM Video Chat between BlackBerry 10 and Android or iOS devices is not supported and will provide the option for BBM Voice Chat


  • iOS version 8 and later required
  • iOS devices are able start BBM Video Chats between other iOS and Android OS devices
  • When a BBM Video Chat is started on an iOS device to BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the call will change to a BBM Voice Chat


  • Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) and later required
  • Android OS devices are able to start BBM Video Chats between other Android OS and iOS devices
  • When a BBM Video Chat is started on an Android device to BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the call will change to a BBM Voice Chat

The following is also noted by BlackBerry

  • Asus phones (and any mobile device using an Intel chipset) are currently not supported and will establish a BBM Voice Call
  • Motorola Moto X (XT1092, XT1095, XT1096) and Lenovo Vibe X (S960) may see one way video, or poor video during a BBM Video Chat

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